Ambient Micro, Extending the Power of Micro-Technology


Ambient Micro’s Multi-Source Ambient Power Supply technology provides small, lightweight, and very long lasting power supplies to support wireless devices and Unmanned Systems applications that are currently limited by the relatively short battery life of standard chemical batteries. The ambient power supply module can significantly extend the operating life of these devices and can, for certain applications, extend the operations indefinitely without battery replacement.

The Multi-Source Ambient Power Supply module combines solar, vibration, thermoelectric, and ambient RF energy to continuously recharge an on-board battery or micro-battery. This combination of multiple ambient energy sources increases both the total output power and the reliability of the ambient power supply by simultaneously collecting energy from whatever sources are available in the environment.

Using modular configurations of various types of energy harvesting transducers and on-board energy storage devices, the ambient power supply is designed to be scalable to support a broad range of micro and macro power application requirements.

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